Predict Football Scores For a Chance to Win RM100,000 Weekly!

Predict Football Scores For a Chance to Win RM100,000 Weekly!

Stand a chance to win RM100,000 weekly

There hasn’t been a mobile app so in love with football until we discovered Moobara, the one and only football prediction app in Malaysia that rewards you for precisely forecasting the outcomes of football games.

The app is precisely as publicized. Games are for sure selected from random football leagues, and sometimes international matches too. You need only get the correct scores for all of the six chosen matches to stand a chance to win RM100,000 every week! If no-one is able to predict every match correctly, Moobara will still grant a once weekly prize of RM100 towards the person with the greatest accumulated points.

Moobara Football App

The rules are pretty clear. Two points is going to be awarded for predicting the right outcome, and five points for the correct score of the match. In case you predicted that Real Madrid would win by 2-0, but they finished the match with 1-0, the two points would still apply. The winner will undoubtedly be chosen in accordance with the first goal tiebreaker should there be other players with the same total points.

You possibly can only earn as many as five points per match (two points for a correct result or five points for a correct score). If upwards of two players share the same number of points, the first goal will be dictate the tiebreaker result. You can observe your weekly and monthly performance in the ranking section. Watch out for the announcement of weekly winners on their Facebook page.

moobara football app

Football fans are going loco over Moobara, the cutting-edge football prediction app developed with you in mind!

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