Tips To Help Your Child Adjust To Preschool

Tips To Help Your Child Adjust To Preschool

Starting preschool can be intimidating for your child. We’ve gathered some tips for you to help ease your child into this new chapter of his or her life. The important thing is to keep your child’s preparations fun as it’s proven to be the most effective at preschool age, so let’s get right into it!


Socialise your child

Your child will have to learn to get along with others in preschool. Early forms of socialisation is crucial so that your child is able to develop basic social manners and etiquettes like sharing things, taking turns, and being collaborative. You can socialise your child by enrolling them in a low-stress activity like a tumbling class or having other young children over during playtime as often as possible.

Get your child excited about preschool

It’s normal for most children to be nervous about starting preschool. Never belittle your child’s concerns or accuse your child of overreacting. You should dispel your child’s anxieties with information by talking to your child about what can be expected. Give your child a sense of what is to come by bringing him or her to the preschool for a preliminary visit. You can give your child the rundown on what is likely to happen. There is a good chance it’ll get your child at least a little bit excited.

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Parting ritual

Your child may find it difficult to part with you on the first day, and worries that you may not come back. Invent a parting ritual for your child like a special handshake, a catchy rhyme, or gesture. It may help alleviate your child’s distress at the gates. Let your child get ready for preschool in a calm environment; do not rush. Also do not try to slip away and leave unnoticed after dropping your child off, it is unhealthy as your child may not ever learn to deal with separation.

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Bedtime reading

You could incorporate bedtime reading into your child’s routine as preschools will all have reading periods every day. Get your child familiarised with the sound of words and so that he or she will have an easier time at preschool in the future. Books with repeated phrases work well on children, so when your child starts remembering phrases, ask him or her to “read” with you.


Keeping your child engaged in social activity will help him or her mentally prepare for preschool. With sufficient reading exercises, your child will pick up on lessons easily. As for saying goodbye at the gates, it’s always a little heart-wrenching but your child will get used to it eventually.

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