My Special Moment at Marini’s on 57

My Special Moment at Marini’s on 57

My special moment at Marini’s on 57

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Our anniversary was on the horizon, and I had to find the perfect place to commemorate this special moment. As my wife and I were newlyweds, I wished to spare no expense in making this occasion spectacularly memorable.

After much self-guided research and recommendations from friends, where did I choose? Marini’s on 57. After my big celebration there, it was too good that I just knew I had to write about it, and share my thoughts with you guys. So, here it is!

Let’s start off with the location. In terms of having the best view of the city, this restaurant trumps all, hands down. We strongly suggest you come armed with the best camera you have, because the scene truly is a photographer’s dream. Night or day, I’m sure it’s equally amazing. It had us gazing at the Twin Towers all night after all. What more can I say?

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Our dining experience was filled with splendour; from the stunning view to the exquisitely decorated food presentations. We had chef Federico Micheletto to thank for our fantastic evening. The menu selection was conservative yet wide enough to appeal to anyone’s fancy. The items were wildly luxurious, which evoked in us a sense of wonder.

I highly commend them for presentation as we completely did not expect to find our Kalamata Olives hanging off an adorable little shrub. It was wonderfully textured with its basil leaf crumbs coating, made extra delicious by the savoury flavour of the parmesan cheese.

I am under the impression that Italians bake the best breads since my experience at Marini’s on 57. Each come with their unique qualities; I don’t even know where to begin. Trust me, they’re all delectable.

We had the compressed scallop, truffles terrine, and pickled greens (that’s one dish). I think they definitely took it to the next level with layers of black truffle and trout caviar. The bearnaise sauce was a lovely contrast to the pickles too.

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My partner had the poached Parisi eggs with sevruga caviar and fish mayonnaise. You’ll realise that not all eggs were made equal after trying this dish. There are common eggs, and there are Parisi eggs. It was quite a novelty!

I always make it a point to order pasta at an Italian restaurant. I had the poached lobster with fine butter, cream, and broad flat pasta. As expected, the al-dente pasta was delightful, and the butter just complemented the lobster so well that I could not think of eating it any other way.

What you pay is what you get, so be prepared to spend a bomb on this experience. We had a marvelous time there, and hope you would too!

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