The right travel destination for you

The right travel destination for you

Can’t make up your mind?

You’ve saved up and want to blow it off on a fabulous holiday. The big question: where should you go? As with all travel arrangements, you are guided by your budget first, and time second. The world is your oyster; you’re spoilt for choice and your comparisons are not nearly narrow enough. We’re here to help with your search by breaking down other factors you may take into consideration!

What kind of traveller are you?

travelling in the city

Do you love sandy white beaches or the glossy neon lights of a big city? Take a moment and think about the why. Once you’ve decided on the kind of holiday you want, choose your destination.

There are so many alternatives to the usuals. Chances are they are just as amazing as other popular destinations but lack the funds to advertise. We find this most applicable to nature-oriented destinations. Don’t worry about pronouncing the name. There’s nothing you can’t figure out with some good ol’ Google research.

Don’t dismiss the destinations close to home

james bond island

Is the grass really greener on the other side; further away? You’d be really surprised at the gems you find closer to home. An especially affordable option if you want to travel comfortably and not like a backpacker. If your heart is set on wider horizons, you may want to check out RHB’s promotion for its Premier Visa Infinite Debit and Credit Card. It runs until 31 December 2017 and offers superb travel package rates in Australia, Europe, and Africa!

Going solo is not a bad idea if you’re outgoing and not in constant need of a companion. However, you should definitely buy a travel insurance plan to take care of yourself. Actually, you should get one regardless because who knows what can happen?

Be decisive when planning your trip, or you could miss out on that amazing deal you saw a few clicks ago. Happy holidays!