The Top 3 Contenders of Postpaid Plans

The Top 3 Contenders of Postpaid Plans

Which is the best Postpaid Plan For You In Malaysia?

Postpaid plans are getting increasingly competitive, which is great for customers as companies struggle to provide more value at lower costs. Maxis, Celcom, Digi, and U Mobile all recognise that mobile data is becoming more and more important and central to customers’ needs, thus creating postpaid plans that revolve around data.

Well, every service provider is gearing toward offering more data, but which plan would suit you best? Let’s take a look.

Digi Postpaid Plan


Digi has come out with a sexy new plan called the Digi Postpaid Infinite. Finally, a plan that keeps up with your needs. It is pretty much a bottomless pit of internet connection with unlimited calls to any network from a very affordable price of RM80 per month. If you have a need for (internet) speed with unlimited tethering, you should just go for their Postpaid 150 Infinite plan at RM150 per month. That basically translates to unlimited calls and data at 4G speeds where you can tether at no additional cost. It’s also more generous with the SMSes and calls to eight countries.

Do note that these plans are only available through their online store exclusively. Check it out here:


The MaxisONE Plan has quite an attractive offering at up to 20GB data per month. There’s also MaxisONE Share, where you can add family members as supplementary lines at RM48 per month. They’ll get to enjoy unlimited calls, SMS, and 5GB of shared data. If you’re the principal, you can also share your data with your supplementary line using Maxis’ DataPool.

You can limit how much data your supplementary line can use, just by adjusting your preferences in the Maxis App. You as the principle also get an additional 5GB of data for video streaming per month.


Celcom likes to keep it simple, and we think that’s a good thing. There are literally just five straightforward plans to choose from – FIRST Gold, FIRST Gold Plus, FIRST Gold Supreme, FIRST Platinum, and FIRST Platinum Plus. The most affordable plan gives you 20GB per month, whereas the most premium plan gives you 100GB per month. All these plans come with the standard free unlimited calls to all networks.


Digi Postpaid infinite


Ultimately, it is a question of what you’re willing to pay to get what you want. But, we do like Digi’s latest offerings as it strikes a good balance. I mean, can you really use up 100GB of data a month?