How To Increase Your Breastmilk Production

How To Increase Your Breastmilk Production

Increase your breastmilk production

The important thing for breastfeeding moms to know is that the milk supply coincides with demand. The human body is wonderfully instinctive, as the more your baby feeds, the more milk your breasts will be inclined to produce. It is always advisable to consult a doctor if you are having serious breastfeeding issues. If you are simply at a loss on how to increase your breast milk supply, then read on!

Breastfeed frequently

Feed your baby at the slightest sign of interest. It is a good idea to put your baby to your breast every so often, even if you are unsure about what his/her needs are at that moment. Be proactive, don’t let your baby cry to signal you for milk. As we mentioned earlier, the more you feed, the heavier the supply.

Latching issues

There’s a misconception that babies need only latch onto the nipples when breastfeeding. If you are doing this with your baby, switch up your approach by making sure your baby’s mouth is wide open and your nipples are deep into the back of his/her mouth. Once you have adjusted accordingly, you may allow your baby to latch on fully.

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Ditch the timer

If you feed your baby on a timer, it is time you stop doing that. A timer will never be an accurate indication of how much your baby needs, so trust your baby and let him/her feed as long as he/she wants. Your baby’s instinct is wired for survival anyway.

Avoid baby formulas

If you do not have any breastfeeding obstacles, do not supplement your baby’s diet with formula milk. It will wean your baby off breast milk and your supply will also decline.

Drink lots of water

Breastfeeding is hard on your health and dehydrates your body. You should increase your water intake. If you do not drink sufficient water, you can possibly suffer from constipation, haemorrhoids, and anal fissures.

Eat for your baby

Your breastmilk supply is directly affected by your diet.  You should consume more protein and healthy fats such as salmon, avocado, and nuts. Eating nutritiously will encourage more milk production. If you wish to go the extra mile, Similac Mom is a maternal supplement worth considering.

Mother’s milk is best

Apart from the inherent health benefits, it will also help you establish an intimate connection with your baby.