A Dummies’ Guide To Steak

A Dummies’ Guide To Steak

A Dummies’ Guide To Steak

Knowing your steak is essential in ordering at restaurants so as to maximise the value of money spent. Even seasoned foodies can get confused between the differences between sirloins and tenderloins.As you know, steaks are not cheap, so it will be worth your while to take a few moments to read all about it.

Steak House Malaysia

Cuts of beef

Generally speaking, there are about six types of cuts for steaks. Their names are usually derived from the shapes they have prior to cooking or from the part of the cow.



Sirloin Steak Malaysia

Though lean, it is full of flavour and also very juicy



Tenderloin Steak malaysia

Tender to the bite and with an almost-creamy texture



Strip Steak malaysia

An explosion of fat and flavors while still also tender


Rib eye

rib-eye steak malaysia

Commonly known as the juiciest and most flavourful cut from the cow



T-bone steak

A delicious combination of filet and strip




Just like the T-bone, but thicker


With reference to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s guide, a cut needs to be at least 0.5” wide to qualify as a T-bone, and at least 1.25” wide to qualify as a porterhouse. You should look out for these things when ordering your steak.


What makes a great steak?

Look out for streaks of fat between lean sections of your steak. It is full of flavour and is one of the main qualities of a cut of meat. In other words, the higher the marbling, the better the meat.


Who does it best?

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Only the best meats (Wagyu and Angus) from Australia are used. You should try to savour the beef on its own, but if you prefer having it with sauce on the side, you have delectable options of

beef jus with Shiraz, mushroom ragout, bearnaise, and peppercorn with armagnac.